"We Are UTCAI" CIC Receives Donation fro​m Moody's of £50,000

We Are UTCAI CIC receives donation from Moody’s of £50,000          

We Are UTCAI CIC (United to Change and Inspire) launches and receives its first major donation from Moody’s to support education programmes for disadvantaged and excluded children.          

London, UK / New York, USA – 6th April 2022 – UTCAI, (United to Change and Inspire), the organisation co-founded by Patrick Hutchinson in 2020 to serve disadvantaged communities and help stamp out racism, has formed a Community Interest Company (CIC) and has received its first major donation from Moody’s, the global integrated risk assessment firm.          

UTCAI Ltd. the original company was formed in July 2020 by Patrick and his friends, following their actions during one of the peaceful BLM protests in London. When Patrick lifted a far-right counter-protester to safety, saving his life and marking a new era of hope in the fight against racism, the unforgettable image of Patrick was captured on camera and, in a matter of hours, was circulated globally. By the following morning, the likes of CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The BBC started calling for interviews. Patrick remains a significant public figure, and has appeared on television in interviews with Prince Harry, Lorraine Kelly, Sir Trevor MacDonald, among many others.          

We Are United to Change and Inspire (We Are UTCAI) CIC was formed in January 2022 and, as a Community Interest Company, is focussed on delivering services in education, mental health and wellbeing, and youth development. Patrick’s passion is education. He is involved in school and corporate educational programmes and is now working with the “We Are UTCAI” team to establish the first We Are UTCAI Alternative Provision for excluded schoolchildren. Alternative Provisions act as an alternative to Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) and serve to keep excluded children in meaningful education.     

An Institute of Race Relations (IRR) report1 from 2020 that focused on London states that government responses to inner city youth rebellions and moral panics over serious youth violence and knife crime have led to black pupils disproportionately being sent to pupil referral units (PRUs).The so-called “PRU-to-prison” pipeline is something that “We Are UTCAI” wants to address, creating an Alternative Provision that better serves those excluded pupils and provides them with a more vocational and wellbeing-focussed curriculum.          

DK Bartley, CDO-Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at Moody's Corporation, interviewed Patrick during the recent UK Black Business Week. DK and his team at Moody’s recognise and support the need for more work to be done to support disadvantaged and excluded children, in particular those from the black community, who suffer disproportionately in educational exclusion and lack of advancement opportunities.          

The UTCAI team were delighted to be told of Moody’s £50,000 donation towards We Are UTCAI’s educational projects, in particular the Alternative Provision.          

Of this significant donation, Patrick says, “We are beyond excited and grateful to have such a positive start to our mission, from Moody’s, a company with whom we are forming a strong working relationship, and who are showing true commitment to making positive social change. It is my passion to address inequalities in education. At We Are UTCAI we want to ensure that it is not just academic performance that is the focus: young people continue to be judged on that, with less focus on their mental health and wellbeing and with nurturing the development of their emotional intelligence. The We Are UTCAI Alternative Provision will be designed to provide this necessary support and mentoring, alongside the teaching of vocational subjects such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, martial arts, dance, cookery and many more.”          

DK Bartley, CDO-Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at Moody's, said  "The spirit of lifting each other up is key to building a more equitable, just and inclusive world. It also speaks to the powerful truth that we can only make this journey together. Moody's is proud to be working with We Are UTCAI as part of our global commitment to racial equity. This partnership reflects the kind of meaningful action we believe can help lift our communities - and each other - to higher possibilities."          


To find out more on Moody's stance on their diverse, equitable and inclusive culture, please click the link below:  

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