We Are UTCAI work with children, young people, adults and workplaces across the UK in a dynamic range of ways. Our programme of training and education is centred on equity, diversity and inclusion.

What we do
Spanning coaching, workshops, bespoke projects, consultations, seminars, talks and more, we work at all levels of an organisation, from service heads and executive boards to frontline staff, teachers, children and staff teams.

Operating in schools, youth groups, education settings, communities, national organisations, government services and local businesses, we foster purposeful, sustainable change to transform narratives and build better futures for young people in the UK.

Through our rich equity, diversity and inclusion training and education programme we use multiple approaches to cultivate lasting progress and better opportunities for all children, young people and adults in the UK.

Our key strands for our work are:
Youth Development
Education and Mentoring
Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Criminal Justice

Our clients already include: schools, PRUs, alternative provision and youth services across the UK, the Metropolitan Police, local libraries, the Criminal Justice Service, SMEs, mental health services, the Prison Service and more.