Who We Are

is a multi-disciplinary, multi-generational collective of UK professionals and leaders united in their purpose to bring people across the UK together to foster equality for all. 

Our key areas of focus are inequality, injustice and prejudice. 

Through a solution-focused, holistic approach we work with: schools, education settings, youth services, the criminal justice system, mental health services, the music industry, the media, businesses and organisations to change the damaging narratives which create barriers to opportunities for too many of our young people.

What We Do
Our work is centred on diversity and inclusion in the UK.  

We deliver solution-focused diversity and inclusion training, projects and consultancy across London and the UK. We can work with you through a wide range of approaches including: innovative workshops, inspirational talks, solution-focused seminars, impactful early intervention projects, inspired alternative provision, coaching, consultancy and more.

Our Goals
We are a game-changing CIC (a type of not-for-profit focused on community.) Our sole purpose is to build brighter, better and more equal futures for our young people here in the UK.

Our Journey

Who can forget this now iconic image from 2020?

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That’s us. Jamaine, Patrick, Chris and Lee, the first members of the UTCAI collective. 

When we decided to act as guardians to the younger generation on the 13th of June 2020, we had no idea our altruistic decision would see us propelled to an international and national platform. Our only motivation was to guard against the many negative forces we knew would be out in force that day. 

Lee says; ‘We attended the demonstration in unity, with a clear purpose to be role models, and use our past life experience and wisdom to prevent the young people in attendance from making foolish choices which could so rapidly change their lives’ 

When they arrived at Waterloo station, Jamaine, Patrick, Chris and Lee found a shocking scene in which far-right protestors had turned on themselves as well as innocent members of the public. Spotting a far-right protestor slumped on the ground who was deteriorating quickly, Patrick picked him up. Jamaine, Chris and Lee shielded Patrick whilst Patrick carried the man to the police positioned nearby.

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That single, instinctive act became an iconic image and a symbol of hope. Within hours the image was shared across the globe. By the next morning, we had been contacted by everyone from CNN to the BBC for interviews.

And it hasn’t stopped still, even now, the requests haven’t stopped.

Although our countless appearances in international and national media stimulated powerful  conversations and incredible opportunities such as: speaking at the Houses of Parliament, meeting American civil rights activist Al Sharpton and a 4-page spread in Men’s Health, to name a few, we knew we had to harness this platform for the good of the young people in our local communities.

And so, UTCA I was born. 
United to Change and Inspire .

Want To Become A Partner?

You can partner with us to support our work in communities across the UK in a number of ways.  Learn more about our community projects and how you can get involved

Our Journey

We Are UTCAI is a game-changing CIC (a type of not-for-profit focused on community). Our sole purpose is to build brighter, better and more equal futures for young people in the UK.

Mission Statement:

We Are UTCAI’s mission is to bridge gaps in opportunities for young people from marginalised groups across the UK.

We work through solution-focused, holistic and sustainable approaches. Our work spans the full spectrum of services for children and young people as well as organisations, businesses and community groups of every kind.

 Our Core Values: 

  • Empower young people from marginalised groups to have a stronger voice and high aspirations which feel within reach.
  • Be a champion for lasting change in local and national communities across the UK.
  • Be a catalyst for better opportunities for all people, regardless of creed, background or sexual orientation to create brighter futures for all.
  • Use flexible approaches, carefully tailored to the needs of each group.
  • Value and respect all stakeholders who want to support change.
  • Sustain our programmes and projects, remaining accountable for their delivery and performance


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