Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our diversity, equity and inclusion programme is inclusive, tailored to the needs of each group.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Training & Education Programme For Groups

We Are UTCAI  work with all types of groups facilitated by: local authority youth services, charities and voluntary organisations in the UK. We implement a varied education and training programme to explore issues directly related to inequality, diversity and inclusion with young people.

Using an array of dynamic, practical, fun and well-designed approaches, our equity, diversity and inclusion training and education programme is powerful, enjoyable, stimulating and thought-provoking.

The purpose of our programme for young people and is to cultivate sustained change by addressing barriers to education and life-enhancing opportunities faced by young people in the UK. Our goal is to foster equal opportunities for all young people in the UK so each has unrestricted freedom to achieve their full potential .

Our diversity, equity and inclusion programme is inclusive, tailored to the needs of each group and designed in line with the requirements of national frameworks for young people in the UK. Most of each

During sessions, young people will: explore challenging issues, facilitate transformative discourse, enrich practical skillsets, build a strong sense of self-worth and address barriers to education, skills and training.

  • Our diversity, equity and inclusion training and education programme for group includes:


    Coaching & Mentoring
    Custom projects

Workplace training & Projects

Technology means the world is getting smaller. Our local communities and workplaces are more diverse than ever. Today, diversity, inclusion and equality are good for business in every way.

In the UK, whether you’re an SME, leading national organisation, public service or enterprise, diversity is inescapable.

The case for change

Social responsibility, diversity, equality and wellbeing are key priorities for the future workforce,  many sections of existing employees and stakeholders at every level. For contemporary investors that performance must be evidenced and quantified.

The return on investment for solution-focused action in the areas of equality, diversity and inclusion within the workplace environment is well-documented. We know diverse workforces are more creative, innovative and forward-thinking places to be with higher rates of staff satisfaction. Each of these outcomes are also critical factors in staff retention and long term business success.

Solution-focused to elicit meaningful change

Whether you want to access our services for organisations and businesses, partner with us or both, We Are UCTAI are here to work with you in a range of solution-focused ways. Our corporate training experience is diverse and centered on practical actions to foster change and re-shape the narrative.

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